Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Week 3

17th March 2011

We were beginning to get to know each other by week 3. Kellee who was heavily pregnant had a week off as she was not feeling too good. We began the morning looking at the each other’s work from the week before. Below are some of the recordings.
In the afternoon we had the opportunity to draw a pregnant life model called Liz who had come over from Leeds for the afternoon. She was 37 weeks pregnant and amazingly agile and responsive to our suggestions for poses.  We organised the room with its amazing light to accommodate Liz. We all had easels and each participant asked Liz to do a pose which would resonate with some of the themes we were all delving into. Jenny asked Liz to pose with her pants around her ankles because that echoed her own birth and she was exploring making work from her own personal experience. Sue requested reclining poses so she could get decent drawings of the ‘bump’. Lisa was interested in the anatomical nature of birth. Having drawn from one particular YouTube video of the head emerging from the vagina, shot very close up and graphically portraying a protracted crowning, Lisa decided she wanted to explore this pose in real life. 
We drew in charcoal and graphite. Towards the end some of the poses were quite swift.