Saturday, 24 May 2014

Week 4

24th March 2011

Left, mono-prints generated from the YouTube session last week.Right, a large drawing strip created in the same session.

We felt by this week that we had made a lot of work and it was time to concentrate our energies into finding a way forward. Deciding on the themes and ideas that had sprung up and working out which imagery to use and which to discard, we went around the room and talked about what we had found exciting, unusual and intriguing. There was discussion about the nature of the drawings from YouTube and from life drawing. What was different about them. It was generally felt that the life drawings somehow were more idealised, more stagnant and familiar. The YouTube drawings have a quality of movement and transition which was more ‘real’ to the birth experience.
Each individual is recorded talking here about the direction they want to take the work and also about the decisions for the images that they wanted reproduced onto the screens for the final weeks of screen-printing.   






These images below are what each individual decided to use. 
One of Jenny's mono-prints

Jenny's life drawing from her chosen pose

Mono-print by Jenny
Image selected by Lisa from a book brought in for collage

Another photographic image from a book, chosen by Lisa

One of Lisa's life drawings, in charcoal

Another of Lisa's life drawings
Selected by Lisa from an old 1950s book

One of Lulu's drawing strips from the last week's YouTube session
Another of Lulu's chosen drawing strips

An image generated by Sue using photoshop and inspired by the sessions so far