Education programme alongside the Mary Kelly retrospective. 03.03.11 - 07.04.11

Helen Knowles Incised book. 2010

Alongside the Mary Kelly Education programme @ The Whitworth Art Gallery Helen Knowles ran a series of collaborative interdisciplinary workshops with 7 members of the public to explore the visual representation of childbirth. These began on Thursday March 3rd in the Worthington Room in The Whitworth Art Gallery.

The group was a mix of artists and non-artists with an interest in the subject matter either through their own personal experiences of childbirth or just as something to explore. We worked from You Tube videos, old and new images of birth found in historical and contemporary books, magazines and pamphlets and a pregnant life model. We generated drawings, collages and screenprints
through a process of dialogue, personal experience and responses to imagery of birth.

This Blog will document the stages of the workshops and the ideas and imagery produced and serve as a hub to continue the discussion with a wider audience.

From L-R: Jenny Raddings, Alex Crompton, Lisa Jameson & Lulu Guinness, masking screens in preparation for screen printing